Jean Adaser (they/them) – Nivenya / Cover Artist – @adaser
Jean Adaser is a food obsessed storyteller and artist. A hard believer in goofs becoming troofs. Hustling nonstop to make things you can share and use with your pals to tell fun and exciting stories. They have a Patreon and you can follow them on Twitter.

Gar “Sahoni” Atkins (he/his) – Dodger – @sahoni_stuff
Gar “Sahoni” Atkins is an indigenous game designer and essayist. He enjoys jrpgs, shonen battle animes, collecting folklore, and the pleasing geometric shape of a d12. You can follow him and his work on Twitter.

Sam Freund (they/them) – Kiir – @frooding_loom
Sam is a writer and occasional guest of Exiled. You can follow Sam on Twitter, where they will absolutely be yelling about one thing or another.

Eric DiGiovanni / RhythmBastard (he/his) – Oi! / Editor / Musician – @rhythmbastard
Eric DiGiovanni is best known as Rhythm Bastard, purveyor of Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock. He has played shows at conventions all throughout the country, bringing nerdy punk jams to the masses. In addition to being a two-fisted ass kicker IRL and in DnD, he also acts with the 3000 Brigade, the country’s largest cosplay acting troupe, and is a regular cast member on the comedy podcast I’d Rather Not. You can find more about him on his website, and can find his music via Patreon, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp.

Madison Rowan (she/her) – Koios – @QuipsterRikuru
An animator by trade, artist by hobby, and a big nerd all the time. All my best work’s locked behind an NDA, and everything else can be found on Twitter or Tumblr.

Luke Herr (he/his) – Dungeon Master / Website – @koltreg
When not running RPG Pals Club, Luke also runs and edits the Exiled, a superhero actual play, as well as MultiversalQ about alternate universes in comics, and John Wiki, about John Wick, and he does comics and other writing here and there.